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The Photography of Oliver Hellowell

A short film about Oliver Hellowell - a Nature Picture Library photographer with a difference...

Oliver Hellowell - photographer - Smoky Mountains assignment

Wildlife and landscape photographer Oliver Hellowell goes on his first overseas assignment to The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA, supported by the Tennessee Department Of Tourist Development.
Thanks to Simon Weitzman, who made this film, for sharing it with us, and to Oliver for all the beautiful pictures.

Oliver Hellowell - An amazing young man

Oliver Hellowell is a wildlife photographer with fans all over the world. He also has Down's Syndrome which means he has an extra chromosome in each of his cells. Chromosomes carry instructions for the way babies develop and grow, and most people have 46 in each cell. People with Down's Syndrome have 47 - an extra copy of chromosome 21 - which can cause learning disabilities. In this film, Oliver's mother Wendy describes what it was like to have a child with Down's Syndrome, and how Oliver - and his photographs - have changed her life for the better.

A film by Kim Roden.

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