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This page will endeavour to keep you up to date with Oliver’s adventures, events and activities. Please also follow Oliver’s face-book page which provides daily posts and latest images. www.facebook.com/OliverHellowellPhotographer 

Oliver's mum Wendy provides 'excerpts' from Oliver's life and Ollie too will use this page to pass on some messages to his supporters and followers.

Life with Oliver is certainly never dull, and we hope that as you scroll through and read the entries here you may just manage to get a flavour of just how enjoyable Oliver's life is - both to him, and to those around him!

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OLIVER'S NEW BOOK!! "Oliver's Birds"

Oliver's New Book, published by international publishers "ACC Art Books" is published on January 31st 2019. Oliver is SO thrilled! The book is so very beautiful, the quality shines through and it is truly, a very special book to hold and to treasure. Having presented the only printed copy we had to Matt Baker LIVE on BBC's The One Show on 24th January, pre-orders and sales for the book have shot through the roof! This is BRILLIANT news because the publishers have said that if it sells well then they will consider this just being the first of a SERIES of Oliver's books!!! Follow on titles may be 'Oliver's Landscapes' or 'Oliver's Wales' 'Oliver's Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls', 'Oliver's Scotland' etc etc - The Sky's the limit!! :) 

This beautiful book of birds also tells 'Oliver's Story' at the beginning so you can 'get to know' the young man himself first, and then dive headlong into pages of utterly stunning images of all those birds we know and love, captured by a young man with a big heart, a big lens, and usually - a big bacon sandwich to keep him going!!

Available via Amazon here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Olivers-Birds-Oliver-Hellowell-Photography/dp/1788840100 

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On January 24th 2019 Oliver appeared on BBc's 'The One Show' amid great excitement. The One Show had commissioned a film about Oliver to be produced, which was shown and then Oliver appeared LIVE in the studio for a short interview with presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones. Matt Baker had already very kindly taken out time to come and sit with Oliver beforehand and chat with him about all sorts of things, having met him previously when Oliver appeared on the show in 2015. 

The night was a great success and Oliver was able to present Matt with our only advance copy of his brand new book 'Oliver's Birds' which is to be published in March 2019 by ACC Art books. Following this pre-orders for the book through Amazon sent the book to the number 1 best selling book of nature photography the next morning!

The film shown on the programme was made by Simon Weitzman, who has fast become a staunch and wonderful supporter and promoter of Oliver and all his aspirations - and to whom we are eternally grateful.

As soon as we have a permanent link to the film and Oliver's appearance on the show we will put it here so you can see!! :) 

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July 4th 2018 T5 Gallery Exhibition

EXCITING NEWS! Tennessee Tourism and T5 Gallery at Heathrow are hosting a joint exhibition comprising 16 images of The Smoky Mountains captured by Oliver and his wonderful friend Ken Jenkins who he was introduced to when Tennessee Tourism commissioned Oliver to travel there last November. 8 images by Oliver and 8 images by Ken. There will be a PRESS NIGHT on July 4th and we would like to invite 10 of Oliver's wonderful fans to come along. Please email us on oliverhellowell@gmail.com if you think you would like to come along!! There will be some filming of the event so you would also have to be happy to appear on film which may be shown on the BBC at some point. (Spaces are very strictly limited as the gallery is not large - and so it is a case of 'first come first served'!

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Farne Islands June 2018

Oliver has secured a book deal!! Yay!! It is to be a book of 'Oliver's Birds' and will be published in time for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day next year (2019). Oliver has a HUGE bank of fabulous bird images but was a little lacking when it came to pictures of seabirds. So we decided to travel to Northumberland and take Oliver to visit the fabulous Farne Islands. MASSIVE thanks to the 'Billy Shiel Boat Trips' who provided complimentary trips to the Farnes twice in the week we were there, and who enabled Oliver to capture a whole host of wonderful seabird images. Guillemots, Shags, Kittiwakes, Razorbills, Arctic Terns, Black headed gulls, Lesser black backed gulls, Herring gulls, and everyone's favourite..PUFFINS! Oliver found it very challenging to take pictures successfully from a boat which was constantly moving and bobbing up and down, but he still managed to do it and was very pleased with himself. The first trip out proved too choppy for landings on the islands but the second day was calmer, and so landing on both Inner Farne and Staple Island was possible and Oliver loved being able to get close to the birds - even though he was attacked by arctic terns as everyone is when they walk around the island during the breeding season! 

Oliver is particularly proud of his Puffin images, which are already proving very popular as print orders. He is always pleased to get pictures of a bird he has never taken pictures of before, as apart from landscapes, birds are Oliver's favourite subject. We hope you enjoy them too :) 

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May 2018 Big Sister Anna's Birthday

Regular Followers of Oliver's are aware that he has a big sister Anna, 8 yrs his senior. Anna had a big birthday (30!) in May this year and enjoyed a birthday BBQ here in our wonderful massive back garden with some of her friends. Anna has a little Border Terrier called William, and many of her friends have dogs too so it was quite a doggy occasion! What most of Oliver's fans and followers won't know is that as a child Oliver was absolutely terrified of dogs. Not just frightened, but completely terrified and panic stricken when one came near him or he saw one in the distance heading his way. It has taken a long time and all these years but now it is lovely to see Oliver forming relationships and bonding with certain dogs he sees regularly and has got to know. He often has 'days out' with big sister Anna, he calls them his 'brother/sister days' and those now always involve William too. 

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World Down Syndrome Day March 2018

WATCH THE FILM  HERE!!! Made by TrueTube to help celebrate World Down Syndrome Day - this short 8 minute film celebrates Oliver and Down Syndrome

Enjoy!! - And let us know what you think!!??


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Haytor - Dartmoor February 2018

Oliver spent a windy, snowy, rainy, sunny, afternoon on Haytor in the Dartmoor National park today. Every kind of weather as usual, was experienced within a matter of  minutes! Despite getting very cold fingers, Oliver caught some awesome images of this beautiful and rugged wilderness and returned home extremely pleased with his memory card bursting full of great pictures. He rushed into the house and said "I got some great pictures! I got the rocks and the sky and everything altogether! AND I climbed the hill to the top! High Five!!!" (Many of Oliver's fans are entirely unaware that Oliver really does NOT like walking up hill!!)

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Garden Hide January 2018

We are very fortunate to live in the beautiful Blackdown Hills close to the Somerset Devon Border and despite living in a small village, have a lovely big back garden with surrounding woodland and fields. Oliver has a purpose built hide and reflection pool and spends much time getting close to the birdlife he is so passionate about. At this time of year the birds are eager for food and so come in good numbers, providing Oliver ample opportunity for some great shots. Even though his fans love the robins, blue-tits, woodpeckers and nuthatches best, Oliver is more excited and pleased to capture a good shot of the humble blackbird - one of his favourite birds. :)

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SMOKY MOUNTAINS - Tennessee November 2017

What a wonderful adventure and experience for Oliver!! The Tennessee Board of Tourism and Pigeon Forge Dept for Tourism commissioned Oliver and funded a trip for us to go to the Smoky Mountains so that Oliver could capture the area in his own unique style. The amazing Simon Weitzman who had masterminded the idea also came along to capture the whole thing on film. The film and Oliver's images will be used by the tourist board to help promote the area. We cannot thank everyone involved enough and have returned home with hundreds of wonderful images and memories safely tucked in our hearts which will last a lifetime. Many of the images captured can be found in the gallery section in the folder entitled Smoky Mountains 2017. And we hope to have a link to some of the film which we will include here when it's ready. Oliver also got to meet some of his facebook fans from the U.S. at a big meal held at 'DollyWood' - thanks to them too for their kindnes and hospitality. Oliver loved walking around the Dolly Parton Museum there and we all learned a lot about this lady including just why she is seen as both family and royalty by the people in those parts.

Oliver was introduced to local well known photographer Ken Jenkins, who captures wildlife and landscapes all over the world but specialises in his home area of the Smoky Mountains, who initially was meant to spend a morning with Oliver but ended up spending three days!!! The connection between them was instant and a particularly beautiful thing to witness. Oliver and Ken are now lifelong friends - with a deep and abiding bond between them. The picture shown here is of Oliver and Ken stood next to Ken's big truck, where Oliver loved sitting up front with his new best mate acting as 'co-pilot'.

All in all it was the experience of a lifetime and Oliver enjoyed every minute - especially sitting out in a hot tub on his own balcony, next to his own games room (complete with pool table) and his own bedroom and jacuzzi, on his own floor of the cabin we stayed in.... it's a hard life!!!

WATCH THE FILM HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQetTCsI3X8&feature=youtu.be