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Birds are Oliver’s favourite subject and his ability to recognise and identify species from across the world as well as birds found in the UK is astonishing. Swans and Robins however remain the firm favourite amongst his fans

Oliver's First Kingfisher Oliver caught this beautiful Kingfisher in the 'Wildlife Photography Experience' hides in Dumfries and Galloway Scotland, thanks to the great kindness of Alan McFadyen. Oliver was VERY pleased!!
Wild Juvenile Sparrowhawk - Son of Max! This is the 'son' of Mad Max the wild sparrowhawk much adored by Chris Packham of BBC's Springwatch!
The Robin's whiskers! You've heard of the Bee's Knees? Well here are the Robin's Whiskers! Who knew?!!
The unusual perch This Blue-tit is clinging on to a wrought iron perch Oliver made with his friend Colin the Blacksmith!
Blackbird in the snow Taken in Oliver's back garden on a snowy day in the Blackdown Hills