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Greylake - Somerset Levels




Oliver Hellowell is a young man who dreams of being

a professional wildlife and landscape photographer one day.

Oliver is 19 years old and has Down Syndrome.

Oliver’s development as a photographer has taken place under the guidance and encouragement of his stepfather and mentor

Mike O’Carroll.

Oliver’s photographs are presented as high quality images

which reflect his view of the world

and his emerging sense of perspective and composition.

Are you looking for a gift that is a little bit different? A gift which is beautiful but which also makes a statement and carries with it a positive message? Then you've come to the right place!

All Oliver's images are available as prints and/or canvasses and all come with a small laminated card explaining about the photographer.


Whether you are someone who is interested in purchasing Oliver's photographs, exhibiting his work, finding out more about his story, or you are the parent of a child/young person who has Down Syndrome and are wishing to be enthralled and uplifted by his work and his achievements - we hope you find the information you seek on this website.

For any further information you may require or any questions you have - please do email us

Wendy and Mike O'Carroll at :